Biofinity® multifocal

  • Fitting your presbyopic patients just got easier.
Product specs


  • Balanced Progressive Technology® delivers excellent vision at any distance
  • A streamlined fitting approach to provide ease with low ADDs and flexibility with high ADDs
  • Aquaform Comfort Science, for a more comfortable, wettable and breathable multifocal lens

Your view of multifocal contact lenses is about to change 

Biofinity multifocal is everything you'd expect in a contact lens. CooperVision's Balanced Progressive Technology delivers exceptional vision at all distances, while a streamlined fitting approach means fitting presbyopes just got easier. And, thanks to CooperVision's Aquaform® Comfort Science™, your multifocal patients can enjoy the same comfort benefits as your Biofinity and Biofinity toric wearers.

Our technology is unique

Balanced Progressive Technology:

  • Two different optical designs (D and N) utilise the processing power of the visual cortex to enhance vision
  • Optimised for exceptional vision at all distances: near, intermediate, and far
  • Lens zones optimised for each sphere and ADD power
  • Allows for an individualised fitting for each wearer and eye

So is our philosophy behind fitting

New streamlined fitting process:

  • New fitting process developed based on eye care professionals’ real-world fitting experience
  • Fitting lower ADD powers is now simpler than ever, by using the same D lens design for both eyes
  • Fitting higher ADD powers continues to be flexible, giving you more options for greater accuracy
  • Easy-to-use fitting guide to maximise patients’ success with our multifocal lens

To help you take full advantage of the incredible opportunity offered by our advanced multifocal contact lenses, we are committed to helping you fit them as effectively and efficiently as possible. Whether it be our informative video presentationsor simple, step-by-step fitting guides, we have what you need to ensure fitting success for your presbyopic patients - Multifocal Support




CooperVision soft contact lenses for vision correction. Your optometrist will advise if this product is right for you. Always read the label and follow the directions for use (

Lens Technology

Product Details

Material / H20 content
comfilcon A / 48%
Replacement schedule
0.09 (Center thickness)
Revenue carton size
6-pack blisters
Balanced progressive technology: D and N options
Base curve
Sphere power
±6.00D (0.25D steps)
-6.50D to -10.00D (0.50D steps)
Add power
+1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50D
Oxygen transmissibility
142 Dk/t (-3.00, N lens, +1.00 Add)
0.75 MPa
Handling tint
Light blue
Wearing schedule
Daily or extended wear up to 7 days/6 nights; 30 day replacement