High water content throughout the whole contact lens helps to ensure excellent, all-day comfort.

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WetLoc® Technology creates a naturally wettable contact lens that resists dehydration*. It locks in moisture and distributes water molecules throughout the contact lens, mimicking the moisture dispersion of naturally healthy eyes.

By locking in moisture, WetLoc® Technology keeps the contact lens and its surfaces continually moist throughout your day.

With every day of contact lens wear, you can feel confident knowing that WetLoc® Technology supports naturally healthy eyes and excellent all-day comfort.


Creates a naturally wettable contact lens that locks in moisture to help keep your lenses moist throughout the day

Resists dehydration with nearly 98% moisture retention1

Supports naturally healthy eyes and excellent all-day comfort

Wetloc® Technology at work

Where you can find this technology:

Tell your optometrist you’d like to try clariti® 1day contact lenses with WetLoc® Technology.


* Absolute moisture retention 98.8%, relative moisture retention 97.8%.1

Only applicable to clariti® 1 day family of soft contact lenses for vision correction. This product may not be right for you, refer to your optometrist for advice. Read the instructions for use before purchase (https://coopervision.net.au/patient-instruction) and follow the instructions for use.

1 CVI data on file 2019. Multi-visit study to assess handling performance and dehydration characteristics for 4 DD CLs in 20 CL wearers.